Beef Box: 1

One box only

Weight : 25kg

Packed for a family of : 2

steak thickness : 19mm

Cuts include:

Scotch (x1), Eye (x1), T-bone (x3), schnitzel (x3), blade (x1), round (x1), Rump (x2), porterhouse (x2) shin (osso bucco) (x1), oyster (x2) Roasts Brisket roast (1.5-2kg), Corned Silverside (2-2.5kg) Premium Sausages(4) & mince (4)

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if any of the extras are selected then a message pops up that says “please contact Stratland for your order with the phone number 0439682022

Additional information

Extras available upon request

Bones, Ribs, Tail, Tongue


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