About Us

Stratland prides itself on producing quality cattle on quality pastures in quality soil in the Coorong region of the Lower Lakes in South Eastern Australia.  Cattle are home grown, free range and pasture fed on the rich natural grasses of lucerne, barley, veldt and primrose.

 “What we put in, is what you get out”

Our effort is recognised by our results. We believe that the more nutritious and delicious the food that our cattle are eating the more nutritious and delicious they will be and taste – you will taste the difference.

“Only the best quality will do”

At Stratland, the highest quality cattle are selected to graze the lush  lucerne, barley, veldt and primrose pastures of the Coorong – all natural, all green to produce the best quality, healthy cattle – naturally.


The Seven Mile


In 1956, AE Stratton purchased the 1901 Methodist church on Seven Mile road at Meningie as a holiday destination for his growing young family.   Throughout the seventies a young Alfred junior, Keith Wayne and Martin Zeugofsge spent many a week-end with their young families practicing their trades – building a kitchen, bathroom, laundry and bedrooms. Three generations have enjoyed the Coorong at the Seven Mile in all its majesty.  At the turn of the century, the church was meticulously restored to its former glory.  During this time, the neighbouring property, was purchased.


The Churchstratland_aboutus


In 2011, the old Hayman’s dairy joined the Stratland group.  Paddock’s were renovated, pipelines restored, fences re-established, infrastructure developed and then it was stocked with prime black angus cattle.  Today, Stratland runs quality, free range, grass fed cattle on quality pastures in quality soil.